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Yo people.

Suppose I should put it on here, it’s about awards.

Seems a bit braggy, but it’s my website and I think that’s what I’m supposed to do here, isn’t it?  Or is it?  I’m confused.

ANYWAY, we won a Royal Television Society award for “Best Drama” for Hebburn. They didn’t have a comedy category so we’re thinking it was so funny it became drama. Or they just didn’t find it funny but was well acted. Anyway, we took it, then got absolutely steaming, as you can see below:

large_uploadI also have been nominated for  Journal Culture Award for “Best Writer” for Hebburn which was a bit of a shocker. Have looked at the other nominees, one of them has done loads of plays and that, so I think I’m just going along for the free dinner.

That’s all the news for now, there are updated gigs on the gigs page and a video of me destroying a heckler on the video page so go on, fill your boots.

ALSO, the special “Jason Cook and Friends” shows has sold out already so sorry if you couldn’t get a ticket. Am currently in talks about putting a few more on, so fingers crossed that all comes to fruition, they are proper fun nights.

Right, that’s it, back to nursing the tooth I just shattered in half in the car. ARSE.




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SPECIAL SHOW! May 11th, Stockton Arc – “Jason Cook and Friends”

I am very pleased to annouce that I have sorted out another “Jason Cook and Friends” show at the Stockton Arc on Saturday May 11th.

The last “and friends” we did was amazing, completely sold out and one of the best comedy nights I’ve been a part of if I’m honest.

The idea is simple:

I get comics who are at the top of their game and also my mates and people I play well with.

We put on a stonking night of stand up then all get on stage at the end and muck about together, riffing jokes, playing with the crowd, it’s a real comedians playground.

People are still talking about the last “and Friends” we did there and this one looks like it might top that.

As for who I have booked this time, I am very excited to be bringing my mate Justin Moorhouse.

You will have seen Justin on Michael Mcintyres Comedy Roadshow, or on Celebrity Mastermind (which he won!), or Dave’s One Night Stand, OR in the film “Looking For Eric”, or maybe heard his Radio 4 sitcom “Everybody quite Likes Justin”.

Here’s a clip:

He’s a real powerhouse and it’ll be great to have him on.


Exciting innit?

But they are big. ARENA big.

One of the things i wanted for “And Friends” was to get huge names to come and play the gigs. But because they are also doing tours, we are not allowed to give you this person’s name, you’ll find out on the night, but trust me, you won’t be dissappointed. They are an incredible addition to the bill and you will be at work on the monday saying “You will NEVER guess who we saw at the Arc on saturday”.

Here’s the link for tickets:


It has been on sale for 72 hours and 100 tickets have already gone and the room only holds 400. The last one sold out really quickly so I’d get in fast if you don’t want to be disappointed.

If you can’t make that show, there are other gigs listed on the website so pop down there and say hello and I’ll do me best to make you laugh.

Right I’d better get back to writing “Hebburn”, just finishing episode 3 and it’s looking brilliant so far, and if any of you have Cheryl Cole’s number, send it to me and I’ll see if I can get her to play a little part.

Be lucky!



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Well, it’s here!

I’m very happy to announce that we are indeed doing a second series of “Hebburn” this year!

All the characters will be coming back and I’m buzzing to be working with such an incredibly talented group of people again.

Starring Jim Moir, Gina McKee, Chris Ramsey and Kimberley Nixon, series one won critical acclaim and opened to an audience of more than two million.

“Hebburn” has also sold to Australia where it is being shown primetime on a saturday night on the ABC1 network and is doing very well in the ratings, hitting the top ten most watched programs.

As with series 1, series 2 will produced by the wonderful people at Channel X and Baby Cow Productions.

There’s loads planned for “Hebburn 2.0″ and we can’t give anything away although I can say that we are finally going to find out what Winny did.

The supporting cast of Lisa McGrillis, Pat Dunn, Jason Cook, Victoria Elliott and Neil Grainger will return as Vicky, Granny Dot, Ramsey, Denise and Gervaise respectively.

The first series, which was directed by Christine Gernon (Gavin & Stacey) and produced by Gill Isles (Ideal), was shot on location in Hebburn and in studios in Salford and the same is expected for series two.

Series two will go into production this summer and return to the screen in later in the year.  Graham Duff will again jump on board with me for writing and Henry Normal and Lindsay Hughes of Baby Cow and Matt Tiller and Alan Marke of Channel X will Executive Produce. Kristian Smith is the Executive Producer for the BBC.


This is all amazing, but there is also something else:




I was blown away when they told me we were going to be able to do a Christmas special. I love christmas and can’t wait to put some of the daft Hebburn Christmas traditions on screen. I think I nearly cried when they told me, and it’s the one epsiode I’m not going to let my family see before it goes out because I want to watch it with them, I’ve never been with them when they have seen an episode for the first time, so that will be my Christmas present for 2013!


I really must also apologise to all the people who have been asking if we are doing a second series for the last couple of months. We were just waiting to make sure we had everything sorted before we went ahead and announced it, but everything is looking great and we are finally able to tell the world.


Episode 1 is already written and we have the whole series planned out, so it’s back into the office for the forseeable future for me, and lots of train journeys down to London for endless meetings (and post-meeting drinkies). So check out my twitter feed as I’ll be starting up my #traintales again this spring.


Loads of other stuff in the pipeline:


I’ll be doing more “Jason Cook and Friends” shows this year. Did a couple in 2012 and they were great. The idea is that I get great comedians, the best in the business, who are also my mates and people I play well with. We do a (fairly) normal gig then all get on stage together at the end to muck about for the end of the show. It’s created some magical moments so I’m going to get some sorted for Stockton Arc, with hopefully a Xmas special in the north east at a big venue. I’m also going to do some in Manchester as well I think, and maybe elsewhere, who knows?


I’m currently working on a script with the BBC for a new sitcom and I’ll keep you up to date on when you can see what we have been cooking up for that, but we are filming it next month so it shouldn’t be too long.


Also, the Hebburn Comedy Festival is becoming more of a reality, and has gotten much bigger than I had first imagined. I’ve spoken to some fantastic comedians who will hopefully pull in a LOT of tickets so we can fill it, and the team we have on board for producing it are the best in the business. Because of the size of what I’m planning, it’s looking like that might be happening in the summer of 2014, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!


No Edinburgh Festival for me this year, sorry. I just don’t have the time to write and prepare a show (or not one to any decent standard) for this years festival, but I’ll probably be popping up to see a few shows and do a few gigs, I’ll keep you posted about that as and when it happens.


All for now, back to the office now for me.


Keep the dicks at arms length, and keep them that you love close.


Lotsa lurve,




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“Hebburn” gets rave reviews!

A huge raft of reviews came out today for Hebburn. Very exciting!

Just click on the “Hebburn” page in the menu at the top of this site, and I’ll stick them all on there.

And thankyou so much to the people that came out for the special advance screening on thursday.  You were a wonderful audience and there were a LOT of relieved people in that room when you started laughing!

Go to the Gallery section of the website of you want to see a couple of photos of the screening!

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The BBC have released the first trailer for “Hebburn”. Show goes out October 18th, BBC2, 10pm.


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“HEBBURN” gets it’s first review!

‎”Hebburn” gets it’s first review!

The British Comedy Guide have already put a little review up of the show. Proper excited now!

“Our Review: We love Hebburn. It’s packed with laughs, and centres on a warm, near universally recognisable family setting. This is the identifiable, real family comedy that The Royle Family always thought it was. Our only criticism of the episodes we’ve previewed is that there just aren’t enough of them.

Commission an extended second series swiftly please, BBC Two.”

See the whole thing on the British Comedy Guide HERE

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