Be ready for pretty much anything when Jason Cook takes to the stage. Behind his cheerful Geordie exterior lurks a dark, sharp comedic mind. Jason has a way of presenting true-to-life stories that drag you in and won’t let go, close to the edge but always intriguing and blessed with the sort of charm that’ll have you laughing in spite of yourself.

At the same time Jason can cater to any audience with his prolific writing and irresistible charm.

Jason was first bitten by the comedic bug as part of the renowned Newcastle based sketch troupe known simply as Soup. He then went on to make a name for himself around the Tyneside area, most notably his time spent as a regular compere at The Hyena Club. There is no better place to hone comedic talent than in front of 300 baying punters, many of whom look capable of eating their own young.

In 2007, Jason took his first solo stand up show to the fringe, selling out for the bulk of the run, and earning 5 star reviews. He then embarked on a sell out world tour and scooped the coveted “Best International Show” at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, an award previously won by Eddie Izzard and Stephen K Amos.

In 2008 he returned with to the Fringe with “Joy”, earning MORE five star reviews and selling out the run to the point that extra shows had to be added to cope with demand. Another world tour of “Joy” sold out the New Zealand Comedy Festival and once again, we were forced to add extra shows to keep up with the sheer numbers of people wanting to see the show.

2009 saw him return to the Fringe with “FEAR”, another show based on the trials and tribulations of his own life, the 5 star reviews rolled in once more and, once again, he was off around the world with further invites to the most prestigious comedy festivals on the planet. In 2010 he followed up with “The End – Part 1” to yet more critical acclaim and another world tour. “Jason Cook’s latest show is a wonderfully life-affirming, beautifully crafted, total and utter joy. My jaw aches from laughing. “ 5 Stars. Time Out, London.

In 2012 Jason’s sitcom “Hebburn” was commissioned by the BBC for a full series on BBC2. Vic Reeves, Gina Mckee, Chris Ramsey and Fresh Meat’s Kimberley Nixon joined the cast in a story based on Jason’s own life and upbringing in the South Tyneside town of Hebburn.
Hebburn earned him a Royal Television Society Award, the Journal Culture Award for “Best Writer” and National Television Award nomination.

It is Jason’s style of being completely honest about everything he talks about in his shows that have endeared him to the public, earning an army of fans and invites to perform across the globe. His ability to lift an entire audience, from 150 to 3000 people, an carry them on his journeys, is unparalleled and has seen him rise to stand shoulder to shoulder with the cream of the international comedy stars.

“the best MC this side of anywhere…. Geordie genius” – Tim Arthur, Time Out, London


2010 “The End: Part 1″

Time Out, London
12th August 2010
Show Rating:

“Jason Cook’s latest show is a wonderfully life-affirming, beautifully crafted, total and utter joy. My jaw aches from laughing. ”
Reviewed by Tim Arthur

The Skinny
16th August 2010
Show Rating:

“Few people have his warmth and spontaneity; it’s an act you’d gladly watch again and again.”
Reviewed by Bernard O’Leary

12th August 2010
Show Rating:

“There is something of the excitable, ingenuous child about Cook – he isn’t afraid to be honest about his shortcomings and as such his show remarkable for its candour. Though accomplished, it never feels over-rehearsed and Cook’s interaction with the audience is easy and spontaneous. But then you come to expect that from a comic who has been attacked by a heckler with a Chicken Kiev and lived to tell the tale. As for the meaning of Cook’s life? That would be telling.”
Reviewed by Susan Robinson

24th August 2010
Show Rating:

“conclusively proves he can produce an hour of joyously uplifting and playfully honest hilarity simply from being a damn fine comedian, no emotional manipulation required. …Jason Cook has more funny in his middle toe than most comics do in their whole body…..Fear not, Cook has produced the goods yet again.”
Reviewed by Steve Bennett

2008 “Joy”

Time Out, London
10th August 2008
Show Rating:

“Wonderfully directed by Jason’s father, Tony, this is an exquisitely balanced show which on the one hand has more laugh out loud jokes than his previous piece and yet also manages to take you on a more profound emotional journey….. You won’t find another show on the Fringe this year which is as consistently funny and as genuinely honest, heartfelt and moving as this one. A total triumph. “
Reviewed by Tim Arthur

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